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5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit London this Year

June 16, 2016

History and traditions are at every corner and every street of London. Not just this, it is even counted as one of the coolest and most modern cities in the world. When we talk about London, it is not just about the Webminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace, It is much more than that, much diverse than that and perhaps the most evergreen city in the world. By any chance, if you are in London and trying to explore the beautiful world of the London city, then we recommend you to book the London chauffeur services. Once, you opt for them you don’t need to plan anything. These chauffeurs know the city by heart and can tell you the best way to explore the enchanting secrets of the city.

In case, you are stuck in a dilemma over planning for the vacation, these 5 reasons will coerce to visit London for sure:

  1. Architectural Icons

If you are the type of person who wants to look beyond the pages of history, London is surely a place for you. Talk to your London airport chauffeurs and they are surely going to suggest the places to suit your choice. Even after developing so much, London has maintained its historical glory and that you can see in its architectural heritage. Tower of London, Big Ben, and Lloyd’s of London are some major places that display the great architecture of the city. If you are interested in building and their structure, these places are really going to fascinate you.

  1. Art & Museum

For the art lovers, there is a never-ending celebration in the city. No matter what time of year it is, you can easily grab some corner of the city filled with the celebration of art and culture. Not to forget the timeless collection of the London museums. Even a full week is less if you are in London for its museums. There is Tate Modern, National Gallery, Science Museum, Natural history Museum, and British Museum. Decide on the kind of stuff you will like to see and start from there.

  1. Top Theaters

Do you like the Shakespeare drama and want to enjoy it in some of the biggest theaters? London will give you many such chances to live the dream. Every month, the theaters of London open with a series of Drama and you too can grab the tickets easily.

  1. Shopping

Chick Boutique, fun markets, and famous flagship department stores, London has always been the first choice of shoppers. Stop by the city shops and grab some ravishing piece of fabrics and accessories. Modern to the traditional British clothes, you will get it all here.

  1. Parks and Square

Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful day or want to have fun with family, the London parks are surely a great choice to be at. These green spaces are full of life with small and big treats.

Pack your bag now and enjoy the bliss of the city!


Top 5 English High Tea to try in London

May 31, 2016

In case, you have a layover in London and there are several hours to wait before the next flight takes off, how you are going to spend those hours. After a long flight, waiting for another few hours will be the last thing, you will like to face. The unfortunate part is – no matter how much we try to avoid such circumstances, at a point of time, we all have been a prey of layoff. No doubt, layovers are bad, but are they that bad? The whole concept depends on how you make it work.

While you are in London waiting for your next flight, we recommend you to spend an afternoon, enjoying the different types of tea. Having a cup of English tea with the scrumptious desserts will throw away all the fatigue. London has many such places where you can enjoy a delightful cup of tea in a fancy teahouse. Still, you can’t say that all these places are good enough to spend those few hours. Here are the 5 top places to look for:

 Claridge’s Afternoon Tea

The ambiance of Claridge will take you to the former glory of London. This places can make anyone feel like the real Brit. Serving a variety of tea, Claridge is known for its traditional afternoon tea. If you are in London, or anywhere around, ask your airport chauffeur transfers to take you to the place. The traditional afternoon tea, the rose Champagne afternoon tea, and the champagne tea are the top picks of the place.

The Goring Afternoon Tea

What if we tell you a place beside the Buckingham Palace that can serve great tea? The sense of royalty spills from just the name of the place. And, did you know that this is the place Kate Middleton spent the night before her marriage. If you are lucky enough to be around the place during winters, then you can surely catch the tea sitting around the fire. However, don't get upset as any weather is good for taking a sip of the tea around the garden.

The Dorchester Afternoon Tea

With a wide selection of over 20 teas and a team of 15 chefs makes this place the first choice for tea lovers. This place holds 70 years of experience and serves some delicious flavors. The best part over there is the themed afternoon teas named over Wimbledon and Mad Hatter’s. The usual timing of serving the tea is at 1pm, 2pm, 3.15pm, 4.30pm, and 5.30pm.

The Berkeley Afternoon tea

If you like the mix of tradition and innovation, this is a place for you. You will get to see the pastries and cake designs inspired by the catwalk designs. However, you can’t call it the traditional British tea. Still, if you are a fashion lover, this place is just for you. Ask your chauffeur service provider to take you around.

Even a few hours of layover can offer you the chance to enjoy the amazing tea served by this tea house. Get going and don’t miss the chance.